Kevin Romar Skateboarder Cover Interview

Kevin Romar has been blowing up over the last year so it was a well earned accomplishment when he got the cover of the latest Skateboarder magazine. We caught up with Kevin via email while he’s on tour in Europe.

Congratulations on the Skateboarder cover. Is that your first cover? 
Yeah, this is my first cover, and I’m pretty hyped on how it looks.

KR3W and SUPRA are owning that spot, huh? It’s even called the Neen spot, right? Is it the Romar spot now?
Yeah, Neen’s photo was insane. His heelflip tweak is unmatchable. But, yeah, it’s the Neen spot. I haven’t heard anyone say the Romar spot, but who knows, maybe they will?

Is it a school or something? Is it a bust? 
Yeah, it’s at this new art school in downtown LA that they just built. It’s not really a bust, it was pretty clear with no one there when me and Weiss and Derrick Wilson went to it.

What’s the run up like and is it as high as it looks in the photos? Can you even see the landing? 
The run up is cool. You have a lot of runway up at the top, so that’s not an issue, but the issue is that the runway comes together at the end like a triangle so you’re popping off less space because it turns into like a diamond shape thing at the end. Popping off the edge like that can be a factor sometimes. It definitely looks higher in the photos for sure, but it is still pretty massive. And, yeah, you can see the landing, but not from the back where you start and you throw down. You can only see the gap when you’re rolling up to it, then you’re like, oh man, this is huge.

How many tries did the cover take? Did you ollie it first? 
Too many tries. I tried to ollie it, but I couldn’t roll away, the impact was too much for me.

Any interesting stories while shooting it? Did a clown ride up on a unicorn or anything? 
My homie Derrick Wilson nollied it pretty damn easy when we got there, but other than that it was a pretty mellow day. Besides the fact that Reda [photographer] is a comedian and has non-stop jokes, and non-stop hype. I love that guy.

Ah, Reda. Pretty much the same as a clown on a unicorn, right? Kidding. Jesus, chill out. It’s a great photo. Thanks Reda. By the way, did he force you to drink coffee?
Naw, he didn’t. He had his coffee, though.

That wall always looks like it needs some more graffiti, don’t you think? We should get Furby on it.
Furby would probably draw a Furby on there and let it be known.