Kris Markovich “Famous for Nothing”

SWIV TACKLE CIRCUS, The World’s Greatest Gallertique™,
Proudly Premiers New Works by Famed Skateboarder & Fine Artist
Kris Markovich, “Famous for Nothing”
Artist in Attendance
DJ’s The Sassy Boys

August 16, Saturday Night, 6-9pm

Oceanside, Ca, July 9, 2008 – The world’s only Gallertique™, Swiv Tackle Circus, is thrilled to announce the first ever solo-exhibition for skateboard legend and fine artist Kris Markovich. Kris revels his artistic side commonly seen through the years in skate graphics, advertisements and film, now to be seen in paintings and installations for his solo-exhibition, Famous for Nothing.

DJ’s The Sassy Boys will be spinning all night while crowds of hundreds are expected for this all ages art show.

“I’m definitely art retarded, if I were taking the bus to art school I would be riding the short bus wearing a helmet”
– Kris Markovich

Don’t let that statement fool you. Venturing through a Kris Markovich painting is like rolling on a skateboard 40 miles per hour. Images both blurred and in focus swirl past you, recognizable faces of days gone past, layer upon layer of experience, visions and paint evoke a revolutionary primitive and hi-res world.

As you walk into Swiv Tackle Circus and you will be greeted by the Swiv Floating Wall. Markovich will create a surprise 40 skate deck installation, primered used decks skated on by Markovich and friends, to be painted on site the night of August 14th. Markovich will continue to work throughout the ticking hours in preparation of his August 16th premier of Famous for Nothing. The exhibition will also feature large and small scale canvases.

Kris is a true skateboarder. Like the renegade street style of running to Home Depot for ramp building supplies, the same rings true with his painting techniques. Now working with rough & bristly paint brushes, house paints & materials found at building stores, Kris purges his love of painting onto canvases with the same forward motion of building & attacking skate ramps. His canvases are never stretched while painting, as they must be stapled to the wall. The pressure applied from Markovich’s brush is so hard, concrete must be it’s backing. Amazingly, this roughness applied to his canvases creates a smooth, richly wonderful finish. Much like Markovich’s skating style, aggressive and oh-so-beautiful transcends into the experience with his artwork.

Markovich likes to fly under the radar. His signature can be found in each of his paintings although you must look for it as it’s the quest of the artist to always provide something new for the viewer. Camouflaged under a figure, totally enveloped in an abstraction, “Kris Markovich” is not easily found but it’s worth the hunt. A piece that keeps on giving, he does not consider himself an artist and feels it’s pretentious for him to sign his own paintings. A metaphor to finding a secret skate spot, how sweet it is to discover something unbeknownst to the masses.

His canvases read like a Markovich journal. At an early age he began to draw, paint & create and found coloring inside of the lines boring. As a professional skateboarder Markovich was constantly on the road. Pens, a sketchpad and “the most ghetto watercolor pens in the world” were always found in that skater’s backpack, and many stickers/boards/tees can be seen with his own skate graphics. While traveling he found solace through his scribbles, Kris has now fine-tuned his journal entries on a grand scale and is now charging large-scale canvases.

Markovich listens to music while painting. For his solo-show “Famous for Nothing” at Swiv Tackle Circus, his main audio indulgences have been The Needles, Lucero and The Hellacopters. Pulling lines from his journal entries, he will communicate with friends (and foes) though his own words written on canvas. Known to pull inside jokes, mess around with some and always express his inner workings, his line “Your head is entirely too large for your body and it hurts my eyes” could be considered a call-out to someone in the skate industry. Subversive? Yes. Interesting? Ofcourse. Mind bending? And then some!

Swiv Tackle Circus is thrilled to host Kris Markovich’s first ever solo-exhibition, “Famous for Nothing.” Come glide with us, and Kris Markovich.

About Kris Markovich:
Kris Markovich hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and has glided internationally as a professional skateboarder since 1990. Markovich has lived all along the California coast, dabbled in New York City and then married the woman of his dreams before moving back to Carlsbad, California where he and his wife Amy now reside. Markovich owns, and skates for GIVEN Skateboards. He is also currently sponsored by The Allyance, Teenage Runaway, Project Hardware and Rise Skateshop. His skateboarding has been seen throughout the years in dozens of skate videos and hundreds of publications. Kris has no formal art training and is proud of it.

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