Kris Markovich: Bleeds Skateboarding

After what you described as “A crazy year”, how does it feel to see Crimson coming together?

Man I think this is the capper to the crazy year! To be honest there was a bit of a calm before the storm so I thought things were going to be mellow but I couldn’t have been more wrong! It is an amazing process watching this thing grow into a company from the ideas I had! I think in six months to a year from now when things are up and going I might be able to calm down a bit it will be all good. So to make a short answer long it feels great!

Let It Burn…

How did you go about getting Lizard King on Crimson?

To be honest with you all I did was answer his phone call! He called up Charlie and asked if it was too late for him to get on the team? Hell no! I talked to him about Think and about what he was going to do and what he was wanting to do and I told him what we were about and what we could do for him and if he was cool with everything? Crimson is not about buying riders and paying through the teeth for guys so we have a stacked team, shit I’m dead broke doing this and all the guys know that, what I said about us all being friends wasn’t a lie! He wanted to be on a team with his friends and I merely gave him the chance for that!

As a skateboarder who has logged a lot of footage over the years, how do you approach the task of doing a new video?

Filming for a new video for me is like filming for the first one I ever filmed for! Yeah there are times when your not on the same page with the filmer and shit gets hectic but this time when we start filming for the full length crimson video I will have things set up right and all the guys have to worry about is the skating all the other bullshit will be taken care of.

Having ridden for some of the biggest companies in skateboarding, how does it feel to start a completely independent project like Crimson?

Honestly I’m scared shitless! I’m doing this on my own so I don’t have the safety net of a distributor and their money so the margin of error is slim. On the flip side if something fucks up I only have me to answer to. I like that dynamic, I’m not a control freak I just speak my mind and know how I want things done, that has been a problem for me in the past, I speak my mind and that’s where the problems start. That’s not going to happen this go around.

How do you manage to keep your outlook on skateboarding fresh?

I love skateboarding! Bottom line it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Sure it gets stressful when you have deadlines but at the end of the day it’s still just skateboarding. I just have fun doing it.

What is your most interesting tattoo memory?

Shit… There’s a lot of crazy ones but the topper would have to be when we were in Colorado Springs on the Foundation tour. Long story short there was a lot of alcohol and Strubing had his tattoo spelled wrong! The mistake was caught a little too late but in enough time that the tattoo was fixed and it ended up looking a hell of a lot better afterwards and after looking at it no one is the wiser!

Big Stalfish
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What have you learned from all you experience in the skateboard industry?

The most important thing that I’ve learned is there are a lot of fake smiles and fake handshakes! The industry gets a bad rap but it’s the only one I really know so I’m down to deal with whatever is thrown at me!

What skater’s styles are you stoked these days?

Well obviously I like the guys on crimson! I like to look at skateboarders that go fast and don’t give a fuck. I like spur of the moment shit, it shows a skateboarders true style.

Who were some of the skaters you looked up to when you were first starting out?

Mark Gonzales, Natas, Matt Hensley

Who do you look up to today?

I could be here all day on that one so I’ll give you 2 guys, Jamie Thomas and Geoff Rowley