Lance Mountain Appreciation

There are a few people who have represented skateboarding in a way that always reminds you why you first started doing it in the first place. Whether it’s how they skate or the way they talk about it, they’re able to hit your heart and brain at an angle that makes you remember that skateboarding itself very rarely about performance, and it’s more about the attitude, the feeling, and the fun of it all. Few better encompass this than Lance Mountain.

Where his fellow Bones Brigade teammates influenced with tricks and progression, Lance was always there to remind us that we’re riding toys and that toys are meant to be fun. Whether he’s cross-dressing in Future Primitive, laughing off a bad take in an old 411vm, bouncing around on a pogo stick in Goldfish, since he first started rolling around the concrete parks in California, Lance has kept both the laughs and the wheels rolling, and the fire burning for himself and for the rest of us. So for all of that we say thanks to Lance and offer up some of his video parts from over the years.
-Christian Senrud