Lance Mountain First Flip Board Re-Issue

Flip is reissuing Lance Mountain’s first pro board from thirty years ago. It’s avilable exclusively in black and blue form So Cal Skateshop. Click through for the details.

“The summer of 1981 saw skateparks throughout California, and all over the states, closing one by one. At this time Lance Mountain and many others thought the golden age of skateboarding was over. It was during this time that due to the shrinking numbers of pros the upcoming Lakewood Pro contest at was turned into a Pro-Am event and Lance’s then sponsor, Variflex, told him they were giving him a pro graphic.

This graphic has been brought back after 30-31 years (but who’s counting?) as a very limited edition anniversary deck, made exclusively for So Cal Skateshop by Flip and is based one of the sketches and prototype graphics that Lance came up with and skated in his last Amateur contest at Lakewood.

In honor of this graphic these boards were hand-screened and are available in black and blue, measuring in at: 9″ x 32.5″” – Flip