LG U.S. Championship

I once had an idea for a skate photo of Andy Mac Donald. I thought about changing his image and giving him a completely different look, as a joke. A padless backside smith grind in a swimming pool, dressed like Jaimie Thomas, with a beard and maybe even a wig, in an absurd attempt to create an image of Andy Mac that matched the expectations and standards of most magazines. Looking back at it now, I’m glad I didn’t waste any time with this idea.

But I wasn’t surprised to watch Andy Mac win the LG World Championships last weekend in San Diego. He is not wearing his traditional yellow shirt and helmet anymore and that alone may have helped him to get better scores.

But on a serious note, the real reason Andy won this contest is the fact he was able to skate the way he usually does and stay on his board. Whereas many of the other pros didn’t seem to be skating their very best, he did what needed to be done and made it look easy. Other than that, everyone in the final deserves props, just for being able to concentrate during practice while the band Trapt played a show at full volume behind the vert ramp.

AM results

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1st Josh Stafford
2nd Adam Taylor

Chris O’ Reilly

Pro results

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1st Andy MacDonald
2nd Buster Halterman
Rune Glifberg
Chris Gentry
Anthony Furlong
6th Pierre Luc Gagnon
7th Alex Peralson
8th Danny Mayer
9th Tas Pappas
10thJake Brown