Cityscape | Long Island

Anthony Pappalardo, Gino Iannucci, Matt Bell, Frank Gerwer, Dan Pheos, Chris Corso, Dan Finklestein, Jimmy Pelitier, Mike Lent, Scott Sutherland, Mike Fusch, Dan Howe, Billy Lynch, Brett Conti, Lou Rivera, James Rerez, Chad Caruso, Sean Kreamer, Marchello Iaboni, Dan Unger, Dan King, Mike Regan

Well, it’s not like Manhattan. Having a car is your best bet for sure. If no car, the Long Island Bus is part of NYC Metro Transit Authority. You can use your Metro card and fare is $2. Be careful: the buses only run east/west, not north/south.

Special Sauce
A full skateshop with everything you need from the newest sneakers to that fresh deck, and a staff that has roots in skateboarding. 37 E Main St., Bayshore

Mass Transit
A well-stocked Long Island shop. No corny brands carried here. Need a skate upgrade? Mass Transit has you covered. 78 Rockaway Ave., Valley Stream

Rick’s Sport and Surf
Go here if you need emergency bolts or griptape. But that’s about it. 155 Carleton Ave., East Islip

Rossyln Train Station
Banked manny pads, easy to get to, just take the train to Rossyln. Session it at night and weekends to cut down on the parked-car factor. Cops roll through but never say anything because there are worse things that lurk at the Rosslyn station than your skateboarding ass.

Roosevelt Field Mall Bars
A series of 7-foot-long flatbars side-by-side, about 40 yards long. Located across from Macy’s. The bars are on the outskirts of the parking lot by an office building. Go on a Sunday. Any other days, cars will be parked in front of the bars and your trip will be worthless. Security won’t bother you most days unless you’re a dick.

Nassau rail
A 10-stair square rail ready to get juiced, located at Nassau Community College. Security is tough to judge. Some days you can skate for hours, and the next day you get the boot before you put your board down. Good luck.

Long Beach Skatepark
A pre-fab park that has a weird rubber skatelight material for shredding. Has grind boxes, wedges, rails, spines, ramps, sub boxes, quarterpipes, and halfpipes up to 8 feet in height. 880 Lido Blvd., Long Beach

Tanner Skatepark
Wide-open area, which means less little kid collisions. Nice funbox, all skate-lite. 134 Baylawn Ave., Copiague

Oil City
One of Long Island’s best indoor parks. Hit up the mini ramp with the tall extensions. When it’s cold, cough up a few bucks and go here. 3565 Maple Ct. Oceanside

Pappalardo’s Pizza Cove
If you’re an Anthony Pappalardo fan, you can’t go to Long Island without hitting up his dad’s pizza joint. 1079 Hicksville Rd., Massapequa

Witches Brew Coffee
An old house turned coffee shop. Good coffee, good price, fair-trade and organic desserts and pie. Skate-family owned, operated for years. Chris Hall and Jimmy Pelitier used to live there and still hang out regularly. Challenge one of these guys to a table tennis match in the basement. 311 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead

It’s New York, so just hit up any deli/corner shop for your overpriced cigarettes and bagel. Capice?

Jones Beach Tower
For New York history buffs. It’s a water tower that provides drinking water to residents of the Jones Beach area. Four separate compartments in the tower filter the water.

Montauk Lighthouse
The famous light tower located at the end of the island. Epic view.

Amityville Horror House
House in Long Island where six people were murdered in the ’70s. The house, claiming to be haunted, has been the subject of nine Hollywood movies.

Young crowd with classic tunes on the jukebox, dartboards, and pool sharks. Bring your wallet if you plan to play. 487 New Bridge Rd. East Meadow

Gentleman’s Quarters
Stripclub nights aren’t too frequent for the Long Island crew since most skaters on the island work a lot. But when one of them has a padded bank account, they hit up the Quarters. 2151 Grand Ave., Baldwin

Hampton’s Cigar Bar
One of the only establishments in New York state where you can still “light up” (cigars, that is). This is a place where you’ll most likely have a conversation on the topic of snitching with a fat Guido. 2 Main St. Sag Harbor Hampton

Pick up a Montauk “The END” (“end of the island”) bumper sticker and go get yourself a real Long Island Iced Tea. Some claim the cocktail originated during the Prohibition Era in the South, but New Yorkers know it was invented by a bartender in Long Island.