Lost and Found | Anthony Scalamere

When I think of Ragdoll’s skating, I think of hairball shit. Mr. Anthony Scalamare better know as “Ragdoll” came out swinging and did some wild shit on and off the board. He was the first guy I ever saw barrel jump down stairs and the first guy of the new up and comers to get a face tat. Ragdoll was ahead of his time but recently he just sort of disappeared unlike those everlasting face tats that seem to be today’s norm.

Let’s talk about the Vegas invasion. How did so many guys pop up all at once and make it from Las Vegas?

The only thing I can say is Lady Luck has a posse.

Did Ryan Fabry have a big influence on everyone?

Not on my crew. I used to skate with him in the Green Valley side of Vegas for a bit and he f**king killed it. He was the dude you knew was just raw talent, but I moved back to the Spring Valley side of town where my skateboarding became everything. I mean, I knew who Ryan was without all the skateboard politics, and it wasn’t until I got on Black Label that John or Black Tom told me the story of what he did.

Did he ever give any of you guys any advice of what not to do in the industry?

His advice about the skate industry wouldn’t matter. He did some shit you just don’t do in the life industry.

Do you frequent the casinos?

Me and casinos don’t mesh well. My last good night at a casino was my last good night at a casino. Goodnight, Hard Rock; Good Morning, FBI.

What is your game, and how much have you won or lost gambling?

Winnings: priceless Pete Townsend guitar. Loss: three weeks of freedom and lawyer fees.

Who gave you the name Ragdoll?

All I know is that Muska made it stick. He put the glue on that one. Double D was a big part too. Free Donny Dietritch!

Do you introduce yourself as Anthony or Ragdoll?

A proper introduction is always Anthony, with a toned handshake and good eye contact.

Does your family call you Ragdoll at Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Some of them do, yes, and it sucks. I hope they read this and learn that it sucks.

What about the people at the bank?

Banks, Starbucks, bars, restaurants. It’s crazy, but it’s flattering.

What inspired you to acid drop off your board down 15 stairs onto another board waiting at the bottom of the stairs?

I was out with Shad and my guitar player in my band at the time. I was shooting an interview with Shad and he brought me to Hollywood High the morning after completely raging balls the night before. I think I was planning to grind the ledge out front that I did later but wasn’t feeling it that day. We skated around to the 16 and I had nothin’ for it, I was sussing it out from the top and I had left my board at the bottom to figure how high it was. My brain was fried and it clicked, “Hey, Shad, wanna shoot me jumping from up here to my board?”

Did you ever get f**ked up doing this?

Grapefruit-size knee but nothing that the ’80s club and Red Bull and vodkas can’t cure. Remember, Shad?

You have been out of the spotlight for a minute. Is there a comeback in the works?

I am so hyped to skate right now and found that out by hitting the refresh button. So if anybody wants to dance, I’m down to cut a f**king rug!

I heard you tattooed your face a few years back by accident?

By happy accident. It was just a really good night. No regrets. Now it’s a trend.

Best Hellrose story?

I love every f**king one of those guys. Hellrose posse, looking back, was the best time ever. To sum up the best Hellrose story with just one would serve no justice. So many different types of homies combined. That’s a whole Epicly Later’d show itself!

If you could change one thing about your skateboard career, what would it be and why?

Keep a business side on your heart because you need some friendship for your wallet.

What was the funnest time in skateboarding to you?

The feeling. It’s back. I’m back!

Give me a rundown of all of your previous sponsors and why they came to an end.

Let’s see, the Black Label days was because I was young and thought there was something more. Not better, just more. I felt limited with Label. I was new to the whole thing and it seemed so surreal. That is my only skateboarding regret, quitting Papa Lucero and the Label. I mean, I could list all my sponsors that went sour, but things fall in and out of place for a reason. I’m thankful for every damn person that helped me out. Thank you.

Advice for the rookies?

Be a pickle amongst all these cucumbers and don’t take anyone’s advice except your own. Just learn from your own mistakes.

Words of wisdom?

You can pour syrup on shit but that don’t make ’em pancakes.

Any thank yous?

Sponsors, present, past and future? Wiggins, Double D, Hellrose homies, Lucero, Doug and Pharmacy, Grant Schubert, floor and couch space, wife, family. Cheers to the future, the underdogs and the comeback kid.