Maloof Money Cup NYC 2011

The finals went down today with an amazing lineup and some insane skating. Greg Lutzka, Dennis Busenitz, and Ryan Decenzo took top 3 with Lutzka walking away with a not so mediocre $160,000. Check back in a day or two for more photos and video recap of the event.
Photos: Jonathan Mehring

Greg Lutzka - kickflip back lip

Dennis Busenitz - frontside 360

Ryan Decenzo - frontside flip lipslide

Cory Kennedy - frontside feeble

Colin Provost - 180 switch crooks

Faces in the crowd

Stefan Janoski - 180 fakie 5-0

The crowd in your face!

David Gravette - 360 no comply

Jack Curtain - switch smith

Bryan Herman - Hardflip

Brandon Westgate - backside 180 the hard way

Dennis Busenitz - kickflip

David Gravette - 5-0

Pete Eldridge - Switch overcrook

Cory Kennedy - Switch kickflip

Nick Merlino - Noseblunt slide

Andrew Reynolds - Varial heelflip

Colin Provost - frontside flip

Greg Lutzka - kickflip front board

And from the AM contest…

Evan Smith won 1st place in the AM contest - Wallie 180

Sascha Daley – front crook

Felipe Gustavo - Switch heelflip

Clint Walker - Frontside noseslide

The 7 train straight to the Vans party

High On Fire played

Ron Chatman!