Marius Syvanen Interview

Where are you from?
Helsinki (Espoo), Finland

Where do you live now?
San Diego, Ca.

Who do you ride for?
Fun skateboarding times

Years Skating?

A decade of retardedness

Best skate spot you’ve travelled too?
Anywhere outside of sd (San Diego) thank you

Craziest travel story?
It sure was a hot summertime in Amstigadi

Do get to skate for school credit?
Unfortunately, to every other highschool graduate who ran laps in regular P.E, I do. Skate PE! it’s quite ridiculous. Our class is about 30 skaters. We just skate this park in Encintas for about an hour and 15 minutes.

How rad is that?
It doesn’t relly make any sense.

Who are your favorites skaters?
Damn dude I got to many to list. Top 5 though: Tom
Penny, Arto Saari, Jason Dill, Mark Gonzalez, Dennis Busenitz, and way more ill ones as well.

Whats your favorite thing to skate?
Some contemporary art lookin’ figures!

What do like to do other than skate?
Push till the tunnel vision wears off, play some
pinger ponger, you know the average thing some
rollerblader would be up to. video games as well.

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