The Tuesday 25 Mark Appleyard

Tuesday 25 for July 7th: Mark Appleyard
1. City for skating:

2. skate video:

3. Actor/Actress:
Will Farrell

4. Band/musician:
Bob Dylan

5. skatepark:
The Berrics

6. restaurant:
Shabu Shabu

7. Video game:
EA Skate 2

8. Holiday:
Canada Day

9. Quote:
“Do what you want and don’t do what you don’t want”

10. Sports Team:

11. Vacation spot:
Cayman Islands

12. Skate shoe:
Globe “Vagrant”

13. board game:
Snakes & Ladders

14. Beverage:
Green tea

15. Movie:
The Dark Knight

16. Thing to do in Canada:
Skate with friends

17. Thing to do in HB:
Skate the Volcom park

18. TV show:
Ice Road Truckers

19. Partner in crime:
Darrell Stanton

20. Song from skate video:
“Haunted & Nervous” by Sizzla (John Cardiel’s part from Sight Unseen)

21. Car company:
Rolls Royce

22. famous canadian:
Jim Carrey

23. Skate web site:

24. non-skate, non-porn website:

25. Thing about skateboarding:
The good life

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Flip Skateboards
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