Marty’s European Lipslide

Some days you eat the bar, some days the bar eats you. That’s the introductory tale on this DVS European Excursion edit that just went up. Marty the Party Murawski wakes up with a busted up lip, no phone, no bank card, and probably a splitting headache. No bueno. Anyway, the DVS US division hit up the European continent for some summertime shred. Enjoy.

Follow DVS team riders Marty Murawski, Paul Shier, Flo Mirtain, Luis Tolentino and Lucien Clarke as they visit some of the european counterparts and skate the streets of Berlin, Marseille, Copenhagen, some of Europe’s best skate destinations.
also featured: Ricardo Paterno, Louis Taubert, Adrien Coillard, Boris Proust.