Matt Ball Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Online Interview with Birdhouse Team Rider Matt Ball
Intervew by: Matt Bauer

Where did the idea of the beer series come about?
I have a strange feeling maybe a few cold ones could have been involved in the brainstorming process. I am not sure who came up with that idea. I think we have a new art guy that does the board designs. He does some cool stuff for sure.

Did you have any say in what beer style you’d have on your deck?
Ha no i didn’t have any say really. Steve sent me an email of the graphics and said “this is your new board.”

Does the rich amber color and medium bodied flavor Lager style reflect in your personality or skate style?
Yea it’s really smooth ha. I don’t if the flavor reflects me that well, but the graphic does with the motorcycle looking skull and shit.

I’m assuming you know there’s only one real lager…can you name it?
Geez i dunno. I would assume it would be German? I dont know any German beers though so I guess I can’t name it.

What is a typical evening when beer is involved?
If it’s a beer night I usually just have friends over that way i don’t have to worry about gettin a ride home ha. There have been a few ragers at my house that were pretty epic.

Any crazy bar fights?
Ha yea there has been a couple. The last thing I got into though was in Australia. I wouldn’t really call it a bar fight though. We went to this bar in Sydney which is pretty much the skater bar there. I was talking with the door guy for a while and he ended up letting me be the door man ha. Well i was checking peoples IDs and stamping there hands and shit. This guy comes up and I ask him for his ID, he reeked of alcohol. I told him he had to much to drink and i wouldn’t let him in. He started to get upset and thats when the real door guy stepped in and told him the same. I don’t know if it was because the door guy was six inches smaller than me or what, but the guy threw some kind of weird slap punch grab move at the him. I grabbed the guy and shoved my forearm under his chin and just tackled him to the ground. I guess he hit his head really hard or something because when i got over him to punch him in the face he was completely out cold ha. I then got up really quick and got kind of freaked out because his eyes were wide open and for a sec i thought i had killed him or something. Luckily he was just knocked out ha ha it was for almost five minutes he just laid there and his friends had to drag up after he came to. I just went in the bar after that and had a few drinks with my friends.

What are your Top 5 favorite beers?
Well honestly all i really drink is olde english forties. They taste terrible but I just got used to them some how ha. I like newcastle but only on tap. There is this Belgian beer Lindemans Lambic that tastes pretty amazing. It comes in 5 or 6 different flavors.


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