Meet The Lurkers Premiere Photos

Our good friends over at Lurkville Skateboards premiered their new video entitled Meet the Lurkers down in San Diego to a packed house, alley way, sidewalk and more. People were every-fucking-where. But the video was fucking awesome. Great soundtrack and tons of gnarly skating from a bunch rad skaters. Lots of San Diego spots got lit up! Good job boys. Now go buy this video and support a sick brand and team!

Local band, Christy, warmed the crowd up with some jams. Lurkville’s Dolan Stearns was loving it.

And then it was time to Meet The Lurkers!

Told you it was a packed house.

Really packed.

Then the Po-Po came and shut it down the video with three parts left to go because of noise complaints.

Homies on the street. Wes Kremer, Matt Price, Andrew Cannon, Ryan P, Tyler Surrey.

No worry, headed over the local bar and finished it off. Dolan and crew killed it.

Great job Brendan Keaveny, Tyrone from Lurkville and the entire team. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see it again.
Click here to see the promo.