Mehring’s Bearings: Gilbert Crockett Appreciation Week

With the upcoming premier of Venue Skateshop’s new video “Old Dominion” I’ve put together a post of Gilbert Crockett photos from over the last few years. Also a couple of Richmond ripper Josh Swyers. Enjoy.


Here’s the before and after of Gilbert’s Skateboarder cover shot in Richmond, VA.


This was Gilbert’s interview portrait. We shot it in the vault of an abandoned bank in Richmond. You could skate there for a while and the locals had numerous boxes and DIY spots built inside. The marble ground was amazing.


A spot in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA. This rail always seemed like a complete fantasy growing up but Gilbert front feebled it with finesse.


The same spot as the front feeble this rail is a bit too close to hit in a line but equally as epic. This was Gilbert’s first double kink boardslide.


Gilbert Crockett the business man. Richmond, VA.


I think this was one of the first things we shot. Bump over bar kickflip in Richmond, VA.


Same trip as the kickflip, this back tail is at an old spot I had shot at before when I went to VCU for photo.


Revisited a couple years later. Gilbert takes himself out with a kickflip back tail on the same A-frame rail.


Fisheye angle of the kfbsts.


Venue Skateshop crew in downtown RVA.


Josh Swyers blasts a lien air while a dude named “Hippie” blowtorches his moped seat in the background. The bike lot, Richmond, VA.


Same spot, Josh 5-0’s the table.


Pre-skate yoga?


Gilbert back 50 transfers in RVA.


Classy Richmond swimming hole.


Gilbert diving off the rope swing into the James River and bump to crook in DC.


Skating at UVA in Charlottesville is highly illegal. I grew up evading the cops here and getting arrested a few times too. I was so paranoid shooting this I wore all black and hid in the bushes with my telephoto lens. When the cops came I took off into the woods. Luckily no one went to jail that night.


Backside 50-50 to nutsack is what really happened here.


Another old high school spot. Gilbert frontside bluntslides in Waynewboro, VA. On the right at attempt at kickflip 50-50 in LA.


Pre Vans sponsorship Gilbert frontside flips in RVA.


Kickback from a rifle scope got Gilby in the forehead. Then he got the bass in the lip. Covesville, VA.


A couple days in NYC was pretty productive. Ollie over the rail and cellar door into the bank. Pure Brooklyn crust.


I’ve been showing this to people for years. Gilbert was the one to step up and handle this gap to 50-50 in south Brooklyn.