Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Another installment of D.C. photos circa 2001.

This is a very nostalgic time in skate photography for me. I was still learning the basics but had somehow managed to get a retainer position at Slap magazine. I didn’t understand the politics of the industry or much about it at all. I just wanted to shoot anyone I could and get them in the magazine somehow. Some of these never ran but they all seem of equal importance to that scene at that time.-Jonathan Mehring

Brian Tucci. Feeble grind at the Welfare building.

John Igei. Ollie at the old Brazilian Embassy.

Mike Nalls. This was one of the first Front Crooks done on a handrail.

Zered Bassett. Switch back lip.

Zered Bassett. Kickflip in Rosslyn, VA.

Pepe Martinez. Front nose in infrared. RIP

Pepe Martinez. Switch backside nosegrind. This was in NYC around the same time.

Pepe Martinez. Nollie back tail. Welfare, DC.

Pepe Martinez. Switch backside flip. Pulaski Park.

Dustin Charlton. Noseslide. Rosslyn, VA.

Brian Tucci. Ollie. Howard University.