Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Early 2000s grab bag.

Around 2001 I started going to Philly and NYC a lot. DC was cool but I had to start hustling if I was going to work for a magazine covering the East Coast. I started putting heavy mileage on my ’84 Camry and bouncing around from city to city as much as I could while still working 3 days a week at a photo lab in DC. These are some of my first shots of these past and present pros. I hope you enjoy.

-Jonathan Mehring

Bobby Puleo, heelflip. Brooklyn, NY.

Ricky Oyola, gap to nosegrind. Philly, PA.

Joey Pepper, BSTS. Brooklyn, NY.

Jake Rupp, Backside noseblunt. Lineboro, MD.

Rich Adler, front board. NY, NY. Check the cow pelvis at the bottom!

Chet Childress, wallride. Wilmington, NC.

Chet Childress, launch ramp ollie. Wilmington, NC.

Ok so Jason Adams isn't from the East Coast but he came out there and I shot his photo around that time. Noseslide, somewhere in Maryland.

Same for Ricky Espinoza. These guys had come out to stay with Pat Smith and film for the Label Kills video I believe. Crooked grind, staples center. Philly, PA.

This is my friend Milton Arellano who showed us around in Bolivia. (See last weeks post) He used to live in NYC. Backside flip. Queens, NY.