Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Krooked Tour 2004

I think it was the last project I did for Slap Magazine. A Krooked Skateboards tour through France and Spain. The only people on the team at the time were Gonz, Dan Drehobl, Bobby Worrest, and Van Wastell. It was a fun crew and  despite some logistical setbacks the trip was pretty good.

-Jonathan Mehring

Bobby Worrest, switch heel. Barcelona.

Van Wastell, Ollie. Barcelona.

Gonz explaining why he threw a cup of cigarette water...I'm still not sure what really happened here.

Bobby and my feet. Train from France to Spain.

Crew and gear.

Van catchin some tunes on the Traveler

Gonz and the board he skated on the trip.

Bobby and Van, double BSNB's, somewhere in France.

Amazing location...

Dan Drehobl, gap to wallride. France.

Van Wastell, varial flip. France.

Dan Drehobl, wallie backlip, Barcelona.

Bobby Worrest, hardflip, Barcelona.

Dan Drehobl, frontside air. France.

Dan Drehobl, tailslide, Paris.