Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Lost Pat Smith Interview

In 2000, when I first started working for Slap, I lived in DC and one of the only sponsored dudes who would shoot with me at the time was Pat Smith. I didn’t really know anyone in Philly yet and I still had some dues to pay. I worked really hard on an interview with him while he was filming for Label Kills. Unfortunately, maybe because I was still honing my photo skills, or maybe because of politics, the interview never ran. I always wished it had because both Pat and I had worked so hard for it. I recently found the stack of photos we shot and decided to post them on here. Pat Smith now runs Coda Skateboards.

Pat Smith - back smith - Baltimore, MD

Ollie - Brooklyn, NY

Ollie - second angle - Brooklyn, NY

Gap to lip - somewhere in MD

Frontside 180 - Washington, DC

Ollie - NY, NY

Make shift lipslide - Baltimore, MD

Miller flip - Somewhere in West Virginia

Back tail (around a bench that I was standing on) - NY, NY

Disaster - Brooklyn, NY. This ramp was 5 ft on the far side and 9 ft on this side. Pretty crazy to skate.

Kickflip - Chicago, IL

Wallie layback frontside grab or something - Washington, DC

Kickflip - Washington, DC

Ollie - I have no idea where this was

Gap to 5-0 - NY, NY. We curb grinded and waxed this ledge for hours. It had never been skated before. Then Pat did the 5-0 as soon as it would grind. Only a couple tricks have gone down since then on this spot. Cairo's crook and Zered's front tail.

Method - Lansdown, MD

Ollie in, front 360 out - Washington, DC

Ollie - Somewhere