Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Pappalardo, Pluhowski, and friends.

This week I came across a folder of photos from a trip I did with Pops, Rob, and a bunch of our friends to Barcelona. It was in January 2004 and we had an apartment there for a month. At one point we had 11 or 12 people crammed into the small 2 bedroom place, including Rob’s wife and kid. Most of us were super broke and just ate potatoes and ramen while sleeping like sardines across the floor in sleeping backs. It was quite a trip.

-Jonathan Mehring

Pops, true to form.

Pops, backside flip.

Brian Dale, melon grab.

Pops, boiling an egg.

Rob Pluhowski, backside 5-0.

Brian Dale, frontside feeble.

Pops looks on as some Moroccan dudes try out a skateboard.

Anthony Pappalardo, ollie.

Rob Pluhowski, kickflip.

Anthony Pappalardo, 50-50.

Brian Dale, backside noseblunt.


Anthony Pappalardo, nollie 180.

Rob Pluhowski, ollie.

Anthony Pappalardo, drop in 50-50.

Alex Castaneda, back smith.