Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Philly and NYC circa 2002.

I lived in Philly for almost 2 years around 2001-2003. It was a tough time. Trying to come up as a photographer in a new city. It took a while before people would shoot with me but eventually it worked out. It really becomes more about being friends than photo skills. Although you really need both I suppose. Enjoy this week’s installment.

-Jonathan Mehring

One of my first covers and one of the first photos I shot of Anthony Pappalardo. Ollie in NE Philly.

A trip to NYC. Brian Brown crooks in Brooklyn.

Kerry Getz. Ollie in Allentown, PA.

JR Neves RIP. Front blunt transfer. Philly.

German Nieves. Crooks. NJ.

Pete Eldridge. A rare non-switch ollie with no bump. Philly.

Pete Eldridge, frontside halfcab flip. Philly.

Pete Eldridge, inward heelflip. Somewhere in PA.