Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Recent Skate Flicks.

This week an installment of recent skate photos that for one reason or another have not made it to print in the mag or were run extremely small in a couple cases.

-Jonathan Mehring

Enrique Lorenzo - Nollie backside flip in Mallorca, Spain.

Gilbert Crockett - Frontside flip in Richmond, VA.

Clint Peterson - Kickflip in Queens, NY.

Daniel Shimizu - Feeble grind, LA, CA.

Aaron Herrington - Smith, Brooklyn, NY.

Joey Pepper - Ollie in Queens, NY.

Brian Delatorre - Ollie in the Bronx, NY.

Jake Johnson - Tailslide in Ny, NY.

Luis Tolentino - 50-50 up in New Jersey.

Corey Rubin - Over vert back smith, NY, NY.

Kevin Tierney - Ollie, NY, NY.