Mehring’s Bearings: Trans Siberia Part 1 of 8

Our beloved Jonathan Mehring just got married and is now celebrating his honeymoon on an African safari for the next two weeks, so here is part 1 of 8 of Mehring’s April 2008 article “The Four Horseman of the Trans Siberian Railroad” featuring Jack Sabback, Kenny Reed, Keegan Sauder and Van Wastell (R.I.P.). And make sure to keep checking back each Wednesday for more photos from this trips over the coming weeks and we’ll have a two-part video edit from this trip of never before seen footage. And congrats to Jonathan and Heather!

Photos: Jonathan Mehring

Kenny Reed, nosebluntslide

Jack Sabback, fakie nosegrind 180 out.

Kenny Reed, backside 5-0 bigspin out.

Van Wastell, frontside 50-50 to lipslide.