Memory Screened : Inpiration information with Marc McKee

From Seb Carayol’s Memory Screened:

Inpiration information with Marc McKee

August 20, 2010 by sebcarayol

Well, well, well, look who’s back… As one out of two or three posts these days, this one will start with the usual apologies for not updating, and how sad it makes me, and how the guilt and shame wake me up at night. Tell me if I overact, please.
OK. So this one will be a mini-post, and started the day the excellent Tim over at Bobshirt found in some library, totally out of the blue, the actual childrens book that inspired Marc McKee for Chris “Dune” Pastras’ first model on World Industries -he talks about it in this post. And as Chris remembered it, yes, the original baby was White.

And here’s the resulting board, with its “Africanized” baby, taken from Tim’s personal collection. Thanks Tim !

I thought that was funny as it is, but couldn’t help sending Tim’s evidence to Marc McKee, as I know he’s quite found of this kind of memorabilia. In the meantime he said, he had dug out the long-lost Penthouse centerfold spread that he drew his infamous “Censorship is Weak as Fuck” Randy Colvin board from, back in 1990…
Ladies and gents, here its is. Or, just gents, actually. Note the presence of the pearl necklace on both images, and adjust the jokes accordingly. Thanks, Marc!