More Skateboarder Magazine’s Make-A-Wish Foundation Benefit photos from Stoner Park

Words & Photos: John Bradford
Here’s more photos of our third annual Make-A-Wish Foundation Best Trick Skate Jam at Stoner plaza made possible by our friends at Redbull and Arnette. Make sure to watch the video here and peep Jaime Owens’ photo post here. Thanks again to everyone who came out. Enjoy!

Sebo Walker killed the course all day, risking heat stroke in the record heat. His white long sleeve must have reflected the suns rays because he didnt let up all day long. Here he’s warming up with a backside ollie.

The boys at the door. Skateboarder’s art director Chris Bywater and associate editor Christian Senrud make sure security doesnt get out of line.

Paul Shier and Skateboarder’s publisher Jamey Stone. Shier was kind enough to bring a box of Blueprint decks for the kids.

Stone and young SD ripper Branden Reynolds

Vern Laird graced us with his voice over the mic all day. He always entertains the crowd.

The one and only Aaron Snyder browses the latest Skateboarder Magazine.

Event judges James Craig and Jason Rothmeyer. Judging.

Warco’s own Jordan Maxham, fakie kickflip on the bank to bank. If you havent seen this kid’s video part yet you’re blowing it.

Anthony Estrada killed it all day too and won big at the end.

Eric Koston and Jaime Owens kickin it.

The media

Nick Tucker, Bigflip

Sebo shredding, a very clean nollie frontside heelflip bigspin

Nolan grammin it up

Reda showed up and shoved his “Wednesday’s” camera in faces all day

Reda also repped Johnny Romano, a long time Make-A-Wish icon.

This thing emitted sounds all day

Manned by DJ Wade

Oscar Meza was another winner. Smith frontside 180 kickflip

Anthony Pshebelski, 360 kickflip 5-0

Sebo on a rampage, 360 shovit smith 180

And he shut it down too with this backside kickflip to end the event.


Sebo, Anthony Estrada and Oscar Meza won the big bucks for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. All monies go to fulfill wishes for kids with life threatening and terminal medical conditions.

Signed posters and boards for Make-A-Wish kids

and it always ends with this…

Make sure to watch the video here and peep Jaime Owens’ photo post here.