Over the years I've learned that life is all about choices.
Though they may be difficult at times, making the right ones can bring joy and happiness, while the making wrong ones can leave you regretting it for the rest of your life…

So When Friday night rolled around we at found ourselves in a bit of a pickle. Friday night held two events with the potential to have lots of fun and get some work done at the same time. The first choice was the long awaited premier of the newest video from Zero called "New Blood" that was playing at the Soma in San Diego. With some of the best skaters in the world and Jamie Thomas leading the pack, this was sure to be a winner. Normally I would have headed down with a camera to see the flick and watch all the up and comers battling to stand out in the crown. Most use the "look how drunk I am" technique, while some adopt the "Super-bro" technique, and then some just dress up like pimps. I found out later that half the crew did infact make it to the premier, and came back with solid reviews

But, on this occasion myself and our other resident pool slashers opted to go with plan B, which included all access passes to Motorheads 30th anniversary show….
I mean seriously….
It's Lemmy…
How could we say no?
Motorhead, Corrosion Of Conformity, and Zeke were on the bill. Unfortunately our pit stop at the Heavy Metal Paring lot ran a little long, so we were unable to catch Zeke, which was a bummer. But, we were front and center for C.O.C. These guys play so loud and tune so low that when you leave the theater it feels like decompressing from a plane ride. After C.O.C. we ventured through the backstage and did our fair share of hob-nobbing. After taking some pic's, meeting up with our friends and raiding Zeke's liquor cabinet it was finally time for Motorhead. As expected they were great. Is hard to imagine that these guys have been at it for 30 years. Other than Lemmy's son getting on stage for a song, there were no big anniversary stunts. They just played a super amped up 90 min set, that left everybody screaming and ready for the after-party. With out going into too much detail, the party was fun, with lots of rock stars, famous comedians and movie stars. All told it was a great night, huge thanks to Jimmy at A.D.D. marketing for making it all happen, and as far as decisions go and I can't imagine this one ever returning to haunt any of us…


Playin’ the Whorehouse blues

Micky Dee (drums for Motorhead) and Scott Taylor “METAL MANIACS!”

( Scott Taylor, Dave Grohl, Kris Maxwell of Wholehog, and our transvestite buddy

Taylor and Duncan and two of HB’s finest

Scott and Nick Oliveri (the Bassist from Queens of the Stone Age)

This guy swore his chic was in Lemmy’s dressing room as he tried to jump the fence.