New Balance Numeric Announces Team

There were some mixed emotions when New Balance Numeric wedged their way into skateboarding, but the expected hating slowly died down as there wasn’t much else released after their first initial sneak-peak. But the crew at NB# has spoken out once again, this time with the release of their team which includes: Arto Saari, P.J. Ladd, Levi Brown, and Tom Karangelov. So we decided to hit up Arto to get a few words on NB#’s momentum:

“It’s still early on,” says Arto, talking about the project as a whole. “We have another video coming out but we’re under crunched timeline right now,” he explains. “It’s pretty much like, ‘film a video in LA in two months'” he adds with laughter.

By the end of June, NB# should be picking up speed.

“Shoes will be dropping in stores properly, Ads will be coming out, and we’ll have another video,” says Arto. “There’s also some new shoes in the works, and a few skaters (who we can’t mention right now) have been cruising out to the sessions.”

And might we add, those “few skaters” are awesome.

“I’m super hyped on this new project, he says, adding, “a company like New Balance that isn’t really into skateboarding taking a solid approach is awesome. I’m hyped on all the people and the team.”

Ending with, “It should be pretty amazing once it’s all said and done.”

NB# Team Intro Video from New Balance Numeric on Vimeo.