New Issue: August/September 2012

Kevin Romar graces our latest cover with a big fat nollie heelflip down a burly-ass gap. Shot and narrated by Giovanni Reda.

A Rattail of Two Caswells
The Caswell Berry Interview
Caswell has a featured interview detailing his new life as a home owner in which he almost blew up his property with a faulty water heater, living in an ice cream truck in his youth, giving homeless people rides and the merits of various fabrics during wiping. Like all things Caswell, it’s good.

The Killing Season
Motorbiking Through Vietnam
Jonathan Mehring and Patrik Wallner concocted a scheme to take a motorbike/skate trip down through Vietnam and somehow convinced Jerry Hsu, Keegan Sauder, Javier Mendizibal, Joey Pepper and Michael “Michi” Mackrodt that it was a good idea. So take a journey with them on the treacherous trail in Nam chock full of slams on bikes and boards, weird food, near death and everything else you’ve come to expect from a Jonathan Mehring trip. Bonus documentary film and extra photos coming to soon!

A well of our favorite photos this month including some of today’s heavy hitters like Guy Mariano, Sean Malto and more.

Also In This Issue:
And Another Thing:
Bobby Worrest

Erik Ellington

Skate Anatomy:
Kyle Leeper

Lost & Found:
Steve Olson (The Shorty’s One)

Face Off:
Louie Lopez vs Curren Caples

Memory Screened:
Tony Hawk

Who’s Hot:
Trent Mcclung, Willis Kimbel, Matt Berger & Barney Page

15 Things You Didn’t Know About:
Skate Lab