Skateboarder’s Exclusive Nick Boserio Interview

Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Nick Boserio Life Spliced his way into our eyeballs earlier this year with his online video part from Alien Workshop and we had his buddy track him and his beard down for a little interview.—Christian Senrud

So first of all, congratulations on having the only part in recent memory to receive 100% positive feedback on the SLAP message boards. How seriously do you take the internet’s response to your footage?
I suppose seriously enough in a way, it’s a pretty good representation of ‘the skateboarding community’ right? I dunno, it’s not going to change anything about what I do or what I want. Plus, it’s way better to hear that your friends are hyped rather than just some strangers on the internet. I dunno, haha.

Perfect answer. Where did you get your beard from?
From inside my skin.

What’s the gnarliest thing that’s ever gotten caught in your beard?
Haha, shit I dunno. Whatever stayed there the longest?

It could be anything. Food, litter, other people’s beards etc.
A lot of different kinds of food, ash for sure too. My biggest concern is milk. The idea of missing some milk seep into it and then it smell like cheese by the afternoon does not appeal. Like coffee in the stache or drippings from cereal spoons, you know?

I feel that completely. So, did you do the letter tracing at the start of the section?
No I didn’t, the guys at the Workshop did, which is really sick, when they told me they were doing titles and had a song in mind and all that shit, I was so hyped. I didn’t realize it was going to be like, Workshop-Workshop till then and for them to do that made it so much sicker for me, that I got to be a part of something the way they do it.

That would be pretty surreal. Imagine if skateboarders had to edit their own parts?
That would just be too much, like a filmer giving himself last part in a homie video all slowmoed and shit. You know, it’d be too self-indulgent or something.

No doubt. If i got to edit my own clip I’d be sneaking my tricks into other people’s sections and shit.
Nice. I’d just make it not skating, or get someone else to do it.

Lifestyle hammers?
Nah not life hammers just shit.

Where was most of your part filmed?
Well i filmed with Chris Middlebrook here in Melbourne, Lannie Rhoades in San Diego, Jason Hernandez in LA, Rob Harris in New York and Benny Maglinao (who edited it) on a Workshop trip on the East coast over there too. A big fuckin’ thanks to all those guys, for reasons beyond just filming too.

Do you think the different filmers are watching the part, sussing out who had the best angles and stuff? Kind of like how skateboarders treat NBDs at certain spots or whatever?
Filmers definitely watch a video or video part for the filming as well as the skateboarding. They’d have filters and filming styles they like and dislike just like skateboarders and skateboarding. I think filming is super interesting. We were staying at Blackbox last year, a bunch of Aussies, and our mate Geoff Campbell came out and we would film in the park at night. I was super into filming when he wanted to skate. It’s a lot of fun.

So with the 50-50 on that kinked rail, was that on a cruiser board and did you hit the bottom kink on the way out? I can’t tell.
I was on a 9″ fishtail Workshop board with 169 Indys and bigger but really hard wheels and yeah I hit the last flat on the way out. That just happened though, I didn’t plan on it. The first tré flip is on the same board, but with my regular wheels. That Frankenstein was purely out of necessity.

Ridiculous. Whereas the front board/switch 5050 was completely intended and makes you even more of a nutcase having been so.
Hahaha, I guess so. I saw a clip of Danny Sher doing front board to front board fakie on that, he’s so fucking sick, so I wanted to go and skate that spot. As a side note, I was curious, so i just watched it again and I would say the place I filmed most of the stuff is in Melbourne with Midds, but whatever.

Has it been a conscious thing avoiding the flip in flip out switch everything standard thing? Did you just decide one day that you’re going straight raw dog and start skating like someone’s chasing after you?
Well, I’m not the most technical skateboarder to begin with, I never really have been, you obviously know this. I just always liked skating goofy and fakie. As far as getting buck, it feels sick to get buck. I respect people who have balance and crazy technical ability as much as people who get even more buck than me.

I think that’s half the reason this part’s been so well-received
Yeah I dunno. I mean i was hyped on the shit when i did it, so I’m glad other people are too when they watch it I guess.

Nick, bone ride gap over the rail. Pause.

Do your trucks even have rubbers in them? How often do you slam?
Haha, they have rubbers, that’s one thing you might also remember from the days long ago, I didn’t used to ride loose trucks at all so they probably look looser because I’m still adapting. Part two of the question, all the time. Everyone else out there who slams all the time, even at the chilled homie session at the park, you feel me, haha.

What do you do to cope?
Laugh, complain, keep skating, stop skating, scream profanities really loud sometimes, then keep skating, stop skating, laugh, complain.
I tell you what, I really try not to focus my board ever. You can always give them away, not hating on those who do, they usually need it as their coping mechanism, but I’ve probably only focused a handful of boards in the last couple of years.

I think a-lot of people do it to look tough, which makes it even more entertaining when it doesn’t break and they eat shit again.

You looked pretty relieved after the 180 sw 50 on that bump to bar. Did it take a while? How many cigarettes did you have afterwards?
It took a while I guess, not a huge battle, but it locked like right over on top and I thought i was going to die, so I was really hyped/surprised rolling away. I think we had a few beers that night so probably a million cigarettes.

Being in the position you are you obviously get to hang out with a lot of big names. Are there any guys in particular that you link up with when you head overseas? Do they all play guitar? Hahaha do they all play guitar? That’s funny. I’ve stayed with Shimizu for a few weeks last year and this year. He’s a sick cunt. I’ve known him for a while through Insight, and yes he plays guitar haha. I stayed at the Green Diamond in NY this year with Malfa-Kowalski and Rob Harris, had a really good time. I also stayed with Lannie Rhoades this year. He TMs for Insight over there. He’s my boy. He lives with Windsor James and Pete Eldridge, really good dudes too. I dunno, I just try and meet up with whoever though, meet up with Australians any time I can. Jason’s funny, I get to skate and hang out with him when I’m with Shimizu. I feel like I’m leaving people out! I feel like i don’t really ever meet shit people, at least never have to hang out with them anyway.

Dude, Pete Eldridge? When you see him next can you please tell him that the nollie b/s heel in that Mystery promo a while back was the best thing I’d ever seen until your part came out?
Dude, right!? That nollie back heel is so fucking sick. Haha, I’m so glad you singled that out, it’s fucking amazing. He’s a fuckin’ legend. We had a BBQ at their place and fuckin’ Maldonado and all these fools showed up, it was so sick. Skateboarding’s funny like that, anyone can fan out depending on who’s there, you know? I’m gonna watch that Eldridge part again right now.

I noticed there’s a ramp going up to the fence that you dropped in on for the last trick. Were you originally trying to wallie up that into the pole jam? Can you go back and do that for the b-side?
It was actually some weird kind of mattress frame or part of a couch that was just lying there with all these horizontal wooden slats that worked perfect for a ladder, it was crazy. As for the b-side, I might have to let you down on that one, mate.

When you were staring down that thing did you think for a moment that you’d officially lost your mind?
I felt out of mind at the time, does that count?

Absolutely, i think that’s one of the boxes you tick before you get admitted. Out of curiosity, what song is playing on your iTunes right now?
It’s not iTunes but ‘Girls on the Avenue’ is playing. My friend Dale Van Lersel posted it on Facebook.

Do you remember the last night we crossed paths and we tried to beat the shit out of each other on Wellington street?
We tried to beat the shit out of each other? This rings a bell….

Yeah man, we were walking down to get a taxi and we were horsing around and then it became a full on brawl with special moves and everything. No animosity whatsoever, just two guys expressing themselves through hand-to-hand combat.
When was this? I’m so hyped this happened!

Yeah it was sick! I think it was last time you were here, or the time before. In fact, I’m going to put it out there that i think it subconsciously pushed you to get to the level you’re at now.
Hahaha, you’re to blame. You fuckin’ cunt, haha. Man, this is fun!

Wallie backside 5-0 to tail to fakie
Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Interviews can be rad as well. You better get used to them.
Haha, fuck off.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while ok, hear me out. So all these board companies come out with these whack gimmicks like fiberglass plies and all that, but I seriously think that when your first pro-model board inevitably drops, you should shave your beard and infuse the hairs into a single ply in each board. You could call it ‘B-2 Beard technology’ or something. I mean, imagine if every time a kid stepped on your board they’d be taking a little piece of you on their journey? Right?


Ok, last question, three parts.
Okay, you’ve wasted enough of my goddamn time anyway.

After your last trick you threw the obligatory bonus tre out as you rolled away into skateboarding infamy, how stoked were you that you landed it, what the fuck was that car in front of you doing and what the FUCK was that kid doing on a scooter in the middle of a highway?
1. I was really, really, really stoked.
2. Having their mind blown.
3. That fool was fucking carving up the bank super fast and going out into the road the whole time I was trying it, it was insane. Also, he was having his mind blown as well.

Wow. That must’ve been a pretty unique session.
He was my hype-man.

Well, if you decide that the whole scooter gimmick is becoming played out and you need a new hype man to travel around with you and make you more amped than you’ve ever been, I’m only a phone call away.
You could just get a scooter…

Or you could just get me one. Put it on the tab.
Put it on the card! Fun game actually. “It’s too hot today lets get some jet skis, put it on the card!” TMs and the likes love it, trust me.

Ok now you’re just getting sidetracked. it’s time to shout the brothers out and give them some exposure, god knows you’ve had enough of your own lately.
Fuck! um, POON! Jack Kirk, Harry Clark, Callum Paul, Bryce Golder, Jeremy Corea, Conna Mallet, Jesse Noonan, John Fitzgerald, Geoff Campbell, Morgan Campbell, Alex Campbell, Justin Lloyd, Matt Reilly, Butter Goods, turn Windsor James pro, everyone I mentioned who filmed, but because they’re my homies, Green Diamond, NSKRUE, The Mentor, Britt, Ryan Boserio, my parents, Man, fuck it, everyone!!

So the entire world population basically?
I seriously wish I could shout out everyone man. Killer Kowalski, BB….

Bruce Silver.

Ok that’s enough for now
Floyd Naysh, Ben Campbell, sponsors, Perth, DVI…

Can you do a shout out to basketball as well, I’ve been playing heaps of basketball lately.
Dude, basketball! Charles Barkley. The pizza shop around the corner! Everyone!

You covered everyone when you said ‘everyone’ before. Do you mean the pizza shop in South Perth?
Hahaha. Nah the one over here.

I went to the South Perth one a couple of months ago, after BASKETBALL.
Hahaha, was it Hero’s Pizza that you went to after you played BASKETBALL? My girlfriend BRITTNEY spun a free pizza first shot last time we were there. Also Josh Roberts, Nate Gamble, Steve Gourlay, Sean Holland……

[Nick continued on like this for several minutes after, I bailed.]