Skateboarder Magazine’s Exclusive Nick Garcia Interview

I imagine it’s hard for a kid to stick out in skateboarding, growing up in Southern California. There’s so many people trying to do it and there’s only so many spots left that haven’t been ABD’d to death. So how does Nick do it? Because he certainly does stand out. And without pretense or a goofy gimmick to rely on. I think Nick is just one of the few kids nowadays who ended up really talented and driven without adopting an entitled or otherwise bad attitude along the way. He’s honest, hardworking and humble, and it all comes out in his approach to skating. It’s not something you can fake, but it is something you notice and it makes the skating all the better. With Future Nature coming soon we hit Nick up and got some photos together for an online interview. Enjoy.
Words: Christian Senrud    Photos: John Bradford

Where are you right now?
Right now I’m in Toronto.

What are you doing up there?
We just did this Element store opening and signing. It’s pretty gnarly out here right now. It’s snowing and shit. It’s cold. They did some deal with West 49, it’s some chain store up here, and they’ve been opening all kinds of chain stores with those guys. I’m only here for three days then I go back home and I got five days left to film for that am video. Future Nature is pretty much a wrap. Just another few days of filming then we’re done.

So not a lot of outdoor skating going on then.
Not at all, dude. It’s crazy, this is the first time I’ve ever really seen snow fall that I can remember. It’s pretty sweet.

You’ve lived outside of Long Beach before, did it not snow there?
Yeah, I lived in Little Rock and I lived in Albuquerque. It snowed in both those places but I never remembered it really seeing it falling. I would just wake up and there’d be snow a couple times.

Are you happy with what you’ve gotten for the video so far?
I don’t know. I wouldn’t say I’m satisfied, that’s for sure. I’ve seen some of the edits and Kirk’s [Dianda, Element filmer/editor] doing a really good job so I’m stoked on what he’s doing, for sure. I don’t know, I guess you’ll always wish you did more. There’s some things I know I’m not going to have time to do. Whatever though, I’m kind of stoked just to be done with it pretty much. Move on and start fresh.

You can play it smart though. You’re going to have a pro part eventually and a lot of guys shoot their wad as an am and then can’t hit that level again as a pro.
I hope so. Save that nut pretty much.

You also have this Etnies part. How’d that come about while already working on Future Nature?
That was just them wanting to do something and I told them I was down. I just took all the footie I have and pretty much weeded out some of the things I knew I didn’t want to use for the Element video, then did some things just for the Etnies part. It’s cool that it’s happening at the same time.

Etnies went on a couple pretty wild trips, where all have you been with them?
Yeah, we’ve been going on all kinds of good trips. It’s been fun traveling with those guys for sure. With Etnies, I’ve been to Australia twice now, Vegas and we did a Europe tour too. I’m sure there’s something else in there I’m missing but those are the bigger ones we’ve done so far.

Is that your first time to Australia?
Yeah, it was my first time out of the country ever actually.

You knocked the farthest away country off the list first thing.
Yeah, pretty much. And it’s still exactly like America somehow.

Were there any other memorable shenanigans from the trips?
There’s been some shenanigans for sure. I don’t know if it’s anything I’d really want to put down in print, but yeah for sure there’s been some. Oh, Ricki, The Dude, you know him right? I can give you some dirt on him, some slight shenanigans on this last trip. It’s a good example of how dedicated of a filmer he is because I don’t know anyone else that would do this really. I was trying this trick in Vegas and it was taking me a long time. I was struggling with it, fully stressing, on the edge of meltdown and Ricki had been really sick, like full diarrhea and puking for like the whole day before and he was still feeling pretty shitty when we left the hotel that morning. So we got to the ditch and I finally landed the trick after like hours and once I did, Ricki came up to me and was like, “Fuck yeah, dude! I shit my pants an hour and a half ago.” He said he was scared to, whatever, break my concentration or something. He didn’t want to bug me so he shit his pants and sat in it for well over an hour. Like fully in his pants, like let loose.

Damn did you buy him a pack of underwear as a sorry/thank you?
I didn’t dude! We went right back to the hotel. I couldn’t believe it man. I honestly was kind of bummed that he was that scared to say something to me. It would have been different, you know? If you shit your pants, obviously I’m not going to give you shit about that. No pun intended.

How was the van smelling with a dude who’d been baking a pantload of shit in the desert for an hour riding home in it?
He had the window down and he was in front so I didn’t catch whiffs of anything, so I was all right.

He mentioned that you can kind of lose it if a trick becomes more trying than you’re used to.
I don’t feel like I’m way worse than anybody. There’s definitely dudes that are way mellower than me, but I don’t think I’m too crazy. Sometimes that stuff just hurts your heart, dude. When it’s not working out the way you want it and you’re committing in your head and your body just won’t cooperate. Like when you’re committing, you’re making yourself do it and that’s like half the battle already, but then once you’ve committed to that and it’s still not working, sometimes it can be a little much and I can definitely snap. It’s definitely not something I’m proud of, but it happens. I got to get it out some way. I’m glad I can get it out with skateboarding.

Have you ever caused bodily harm to yourself when you’ve lost it?
Haha, yeah, fully. I had like a bruised rib. The last time I was out in Spain I had messed up my ribs at this contest a couple days before and I went to Barcelona on this little two day mission with Sam Maguire. I was trying this trick on that quarterpipe spot in Barcy on the beach and yeah, I ended up freaking out and when I screamed or whatever, I sprain-flexed all the muscles in my body and it popped my rib out even worse. Something happened and it made everything way worse. I felt like a huge idiot, dude. I go to scream because I’m pissed then start screaming because it hurts. Then I’m down on the ground. That’s probably the worst. I’ve never gotten the board backlash to the face or anything. Those are always good.

I saw on Instagram that you had an arrest warrant out for you. What was that about?
I got pulled over driving without a license and no registration or insurance a few years ago. I just kind of procrastinated and never went to court so it ended up going to warrant. But I just went to court before I left on a trip recently and paid all that shit off, so I’m good to go. I can finally get my license now.

So you’ve had a car before, but never a license?
Yeah, I had the car, didn’t get a license then I got in trouble before I did get my license and they ended up towing my car. I didn’t have any paperwork tying me to it or enough money to get it out so I just let it chill pretty much. Lost the car. It’s cool because my buddy sold it to me for pretty cheap so I just wrote it off to the game I guess.

Are a license and car on the to-do list nowadays?
Yeah that’s definitely top of my list right now. First thing I’m trying to do: get a car. Then get Julian and I into a new place here pretty soon.

You’ve already been living together for a minute now right? Are you just over the location or are you getting the boot or what?
Yeah it’s been a while. We want to not be backed up against people. We want to be able to have friends over and not be bugging our neighbors, so we’re trying to maybe rent a little house with Boo and Ju-ju and I.

Staying in Long Beach or branching out?
Definitely staying in the Beach somewhere.

Can you ever picture yourself leaving?
Nah, I mean not anytime soon that’s for sure. It’s home. It’s pretty much got everything we need and especially right now it’s convenient for me, not having a car, but even when I do have one I think it’s pretty much where I’m staying, for a while at least.

You’ve been on Etnies almost a year now, how have you liked that change?
It’s coming up on a year, yeah, like in another month or so here. It’s been good man. Everyone’s really cool. I made a lot of good homies over there. The trips have been awesome and they got a new TM over there, this guy Jameson. He nails it. It’s been awesome. I can’t complain at all. I think I made a good choice.

Was it hard leaving DVS?
Yeah, that’s the first time I ever quit anything. It was definitely hard, man, because I love those guys too. Especially Gabe Clement, the team manager over there. And Torey and all those dudes are all the good homies too, so it was rough. I don’t know man, I guess it kind of had to be done and it all worked out. Those guys are nailing it and we’re all right over here too I guess. They’re fine without me anyways, you know?

When’s this Element video coming out?
It premieres at the Art Theater in Long Beach on April 27th, so it’s pretty much set in stone, good to go.

Are they doing it big for the premiere?
I don’t know, man. We had this premiere in Long Beach for our homie video, Ta Ha, a while back and Julian and I bought a party bus for all the homies and it was a really good time, so we were thinking of maybe doing that again. Maybe getting a bigger one this time and comin’ correct since it’s our first real video parts. We’re trying to one up ourselves this time.

Did you hit anywhere in particular or just party in park?
We pretty much just drove around to different homies’ houses. We went to Bradford’s house to try to pick him up and he shut us down. We got a bus full of 40 people to stop at his house and we went up to the door and he said No.

Why is he so easy to pick on?
I don’t know if this has anything to do with him getting picked on but he’s one of those people who are funny without even trying to be funny and you can tell they’re not trying to be. It’s just hilarious. They can’t help it. It’s like him, and Ricki, and Jose. Maybe Jose tries to be funny more, but they’re all that same breed. It just can’t be helped, they’re just fun to make fun of, especially Bradford.

What’s the best he’s gotten it?
That I’ve ever gotten him with? I don’t know. We were having some Instagram beef for a while there where he got all butt hurt about some photo that Ricki posted and sent him a text that was all emotional. Then Ricki posted his text, so he got all butt hurt. Then I posted some photos of him looking extra jacked and sad and old and whatever. He didn’t like that at all. He blocked us both on Instagram for like a week and wouldn’t talk to us or anything. But yeah, I’ve definitely heard of worse things happening on RVCA trips and stuff like that. It sounds like he gets tortured on those. Bradford’s my buddy though. I don’t want to give him too much grief on the Internet.

Is there any talk of which of you guys in this video is going to go pro first. Is there a competition to be the first to get bumped up?
Not too much has been talked about going pro and there’s really no competition at all. We’re all really good friends. Well Julian and I were both friends already obviously, but it’s crazy that they’d just stick four random people together and expect them to hit it off. Well there’s really five with Madars, but we really are all five really all close friends. We’re all just trying to have fun, trying to get each other sparked. We’re always stoked for each other and I guess that’s the way it needs to be. I like it anyway. I like how it feels at Element right now. I’m stoked for sure.