Nike SB’s The BIrd is the Word Video

The Bird is the Word – European Demo Tour Video Clips Live Now

Last summer Nike SB embarked upon the “Bird is the Word” European tour. The team stopped for demos at the best indoor parks in London, Paris, Eindhoven, and in Berlin for the Bright Tradeshow and a backyard mini-ramp jam.

The team traveled across Europe on a huge tour bus, which was much more convenient than a tight plane seat and dealing with lines at customs or baggage claim. Then again the so called “Jumbo Cruiser” was a nightmare in the small streets of London and made it extremely difficult to find a parking space in Rotterdam. All in all a great experience though.

In addition to the demos we were able to do some serious shredding on the streets. Blueprint Skateboard’s Dan Magee accompanied the team on tour and has created a few edits to show a little bit of what went down: amazing demos, a large crew in a huge bus, good vibes, and last but not least the World Cup of Football and in particular Wieger’s passion for his home team.

The first 2 clips “Demo Life” and “Bonus 1″ are live right now at:

“Street Life” and “Bonus 2″ will go live on 10/26/10. Enjoy!