Nokia LX Skateboarding Cup




Portugal received, this weekend, the first skateboard competition with international riders. The presence of more than 60 competitors, of 10 different nationalities, confirmed the success of Nokia LX Skateboarding Cup.

Three days of high skateboard level, music, parkour and a party environment take care of Skate Parque de Monsanto, in an unforgettable weekend for Portuguese skateboard. More than 60 skaters, representing 10 countries and 2 continents, had competed to dispute a place in the podium and the 5,000 euros of Prize Money for the first international competition, carried through in Portugal. The result was three wild days stuffed with great tricks.

Friday was pre qualifications day. The young riders Christian Vanella (Spain) and Pedro Carreira (Portugal) had been distinguished and passed to the following phase in the first places, with only 1 point of difference between them.

Saturday, the level got higher and the public had a chance to see great skateboarders in action like Ruben Garcia, Jodi Smith, Antony Lopez, Roberto Aleman, Andy Welther, Stephan Gunther and the Portuguese Ricardo Fonseca, Ruben Rodrigues and Helder Lima. Rben Rodrigues showed caballerial flip in the pyramid corner, nollied hardflip crossing the pyramid or switch f/s flip 270 in the pyramid corner and was qualified for semi finals in first. Second best was Ruben Garcia with noliie heelflip backside crossing the pyramid, switch heelflip in the corner and nollie bigspin noseslide in the biggest curb.

Sunday was the big day, with the last competitive phases and the revelation of the winner. 20 riders disputing a place in the Finals, reserved for the seven best: Ricardo Fonseca, Helder Lima and Ruben Rodrigues, together with Antony Lopez, France, Andreas Welther, Romnia, Christian Vannella, Spain and Stephan Gnther, Germany were the chosen ones.

Helder Lima finished as national hero, collecting a podium position. With consistent runs and good tricks as nosegrind in the big rail, switch heelflip in the corner of the pyramid and transfer for b/s lipslide for the rail, Helder got the 2nd position and showed, one more time, the strong potential of the new skateboard generation. Andy Welther, from Romenia, impressed public and judges with his run. Frontside flip for wallride, b/s 50-50 in the big rail e switch ollie late shovit across the pyramid, gave him the 3rd place.

The French Antony Lopez was the big winner of Nokia LX Skateboarding Cup. Thousands of people applauded his run that was, without a doubt, the strongest and well executed. During 90 seconds, Antony showed nollie b/s tail in the DC box, switch croocked on the rail, nollie f/s heelflip across the pyramid and nollie croocked on the straight rail, gave him the 1st place and 2.000 euros.

Nokia LX Skateboarding Cup was a Radical Skate Clube organization in association with Nokia, DC Shoes and Lisbon City Council. The competition had also the support from Yoggi, Hero, Extreme Sports Channel Portugal, Isuzu, Red Bull, Correio da Manh, Record,, Onsk8 Magazine and Movimento Skate em Revista.

Nokia LX Skateboarding Cup


1st place
Antony Lopez