Nyjah Rise and Shine Now Available

It’s 11.11.11. and your wish came true, Nyjah’s new Rise and Shine part is available on iTunes, and I’m sure on YouTube in no time provided you know the write search phrase or lurk the right message boards. Jaime downloaded it this morning and it’s pretty fucking gnarly. Hollywood High got proper fucked and Nyjah wasted no time going big all over the world. Definitely worth a watch or the $1.99 you might have leftover on an old iTunes gift card.

Here’s the official Element business written version and link to where you can see the shit. Otherwise you should check out our interview with him HERE, where he talks about getting away from his overbearing dad and becoming who he is today.

Element is proud to announce that ”RISE & SHINE” The Nyjah Huston video, is now available on iTunes worldwide!

In 2011 Nyjah 3-peated at Street League, won X-Games gold, and became The Berrics Battle Commander. Now he’s out now to prove his talents where they matter most; in the streets.

Click HERE to view “RISE & SHINE” in the iTunes store