October/November 2011 Issue

Johnny Layton, ollie over both walls at Pulaski
“NBDs at classic spots are always the best. Lying in wait until the right person comes along and snatches them up. Johnny made a few attempts at jumping these blocks at the famous Pulaski monument in DC, otherwise known as Freedom Plaza, and said he looked down at some writing on the ground. He noticed the word “GLORY” engraved amongst other patriotic terms and he got all juiced up to land it. Then he blasted over the behemoth gap at this former slave auction site and rolled away clean. Nice work, J-Lay!”—John Bradford, photo

Greg Hunt photo portfolio featuring: Dylan Rieder, Jason Dill, Gilbert Crockett, Omar Salazar and more.

Girl/Chocolate fam hit the road in Florida for a filming mission featuring: Vincent Alvarez, MJ, Brian Anderson, Mike Mo, Sean Malto and Elijah Berle
Words & Photos: Ben Colen

Darrell, Levi, Evan, Nick and Nyjah smell like piss. Element crew got peed on by monkeys in Costa Rica.
Words: Cole Mathews & Photos: Brian Gaberman

Vans East Coast tour featuring: AVE, Dill, Crockett, JLay and DanLu.
Words & Photos: John Bradford

36 Squawk Box
The news and other gossip.

38 And Another Thing
Kenny Anderson

40 Viewfinder
Zered Bassett

42 In & Out
Brian Delatorre

44 Skate Anatomy
Nick Dompierre

46 Memory Screened
Jason Jessee

48 Face Off
Raven Tershy vs Vincent Alvarez

50 Lost and Found
Chris Branagh

86 Who’s Hot
Forrest Edwards, Miles Silvas & Marek Zaprazny

92 15 Things
You didn’t know about Rick Howard