Osiris In Sin City: Photos Part 1

Our friend, Jason Hainault, was out in Las Vegas with the Osiris team and sent us these photos for you to check out of the team filming for an upcoming video project featuring JT Aultz, Corey Duffel, Chad Bartie, Peter Raffin and Taylor Bingaman. Check back for part two this week.

Captions & Photos: Jason Hainault

We are in Vegas starting to film for the upcoming Osiris video, Peter Raffin starts it off right with a frontside wallride ditch line.

Taylor Bingaman gets the dunk challenge started at our private indoor basketball court.

Team Manager(Employee of the month) Cuong Lieng keeps it going with a bank shot from off the back wall!

Peter Raffin throws up the rare double shaka on the wall ride.

Then he takes time out to work on his modeling portfolio.

Cuong appropriately ends the session by attempting to focus this board.

These days when you are making a video you need all the angles you can get, here we have a nice triple threat.

Raffin delivers a nice switch big spin.

All smiles on the sessions!

Chad Bartie with a solid blunt slide for his mom on her birthday.

Did this drifter just wonder out of a boxcar? Oh wait it’s Duffman!

Raffin making himself a better door then a window for Jamie Palmore.