Osiris In Sin City: Photos Part 2

Our friend, Jason Hainault, was out in Las Vegas with the Osiris team and sent us these photos for you to check out of the team filming for an upcoming video project featuring JT Aultz, Corey Duffel, Chad Bartie, Peter Raffin and Taylor Bingaman. (This was before JT’s accident.)

Captions & Photos: Jason Hainault

Peter Raffin warms up with a nosegrind.

Jimmy Kappel hard at work.

Jamie Palmore switch frontside noseslide.

Raffin pays homage to former Black Label rider Ragdoll with this noseslide.

Duffman toes.

Palmore cruisin.

Pep talk.

Duffel floats a warm up ollie.

JT and Corey test the water.

Checkin the results.

Palmore carves around to a boardslide.

JT on the other side of the lens. (Get well soon JT!)