Mini Ramp Jam and BBQ

Mini Ramp Jam and BBQ

If you were at your local skatepark on Sunday June, 9th and noticed that there was a lack of little rippers flying about, it was probably because they were at the Chula Vista Skatepark for the mini ramp jam and bbq held by Overload Skateboarding. Although the temperature climbed into the high 90’s it didn’t stop anyone from having a great time due to the carnival like atmosphere. There were games and veggie dogs, but needless to say no one came close to Kobayashi’s 54 hot dogs in 12 minutes. There were best trick contests held through out the park with the last one being held on the mini ramp just before the premiere of “Cheese and Crackers.”
Stu Graham made the best reference of the day while watching the 3-block best trick contest. He referred to the contestants as Lemmings. For those who don’t remember the classics game “Lemmings,” I will provide a brief explanation. The “lemmings” of the game are small, green-haired humanoid beings that mindlessly walk en masse into any danger in their path. Lemmings are pretty delicate creatures and will die under any of the following conditions:
· Fall down from too great a height.

· Fall off the map.

· Walk into water, lava, or slime.

· Step into a trap, such as a spring-loaded trap, compressor, etc.

· Are ordered to explode.

As the contestants hurled themselves from the great height, in which the height was over 70% of their heads, it provided some great entertainment. The stand out tricks were- nollie backside flip, frontside flip, every grab imaginable, and even a finger flip boneless. Both Brendan Villanueva and Marshall Green kept the crowd pleased.

The best trick on the mini ramp got started at 6:30 with 25 competitors ranging in age from 8 to 34. In the end it was Marshall Green with amazing grasp of the pivot fakie that took top honors. Name a variation and he did. He walked away with a year’s supply of Osiris Shoes and Toy Machine boards. Matt Kriegel took second, Aric Sanders third, and Jay Henry fourth with a sweet sugarcane. All competitors left with something, and as the sun set there was a special screening of the new Almost film “Cheese and Crackers.” Thanks to everyone who came out and made the event a huge success.