Owens Photo: Don’t Be Fooled

This is a photo of Yaje Popson backside nosebluntsliding at the San Clemente skate park just down the road from our office. Roger Bagley, our filmer, brought Yaje, Stevie Perez and Cyril Jackson to the SC park to skate with us while we filmed Ryan Sheckler for his Straight to the Internet part and Yaje did this trick so sick. He ran into Sheckler pretty hard on one try that you see in the edit below the photo. I ended up using this shot for the Intro page of the magazine in our Aug/Sep 2011 issue for my “Don’t Be Fooled” rant. It’s really hard to write those intros month after month and make them any good and sometimes the cutting out the bullshit and just simplifying everything is the way to go. And I really liked how the words fit on the image, so I posted the page itself below. Enjoy and check back every Thursday for more photos from me.—Jaime Owens

Click here to watch a full Yaje Popson part as he gets raw in the streets.

Straight to the Internet: Ryan Sheckler from Skateboarder Magazine on Vimeo.