Owens Photo: Ellington & Greco Before They Had A Deathwish

Here’s some photos of Erik Ellington and Jim Greco from the early 2000s when I used to live in L.A. I was (and still am) big fans of them from their Misled Youth days so I was really psyched to get out and shoot them early in my skate career. I missed the Deathwish video premiere recently, so I’m excited to check it out when it’s available (April 21st at shops and iTunes) and see what these two legends have been up to. —Jaime Owens

We shot this portrait behind the House of Blues on Sunset blvd. Erik lived closed by and we just walked up and down Sunset looking for cool backgrounds. One of the outtakes was used for a Question Authority page in the magazine.

We shot this sequence for the Emerica Mansion article around 2003. Jeremy Klein did this trick in the corner pocket years before but it was still cool and a different trick for Erik to do.

Greco on Sunset Blvd. Always like this one.

This was from Jim’s 2003 interview in our Interview Issue where he had the cover switch frontside flipping the Wilshire 15. Jim really liked this spot and shot a few other photos at it and filmed even more. It was a hard spot to shoot at and looking at it now, it’s really busy and I should have shot it different. Didn’t matter, he took out this trick with a backside 360 kickflip in Baker 3 G below.