Owens Photo: Fall of Britain Part 2 of 2

In the fall of 2004, Alex Klein and I grabbed Kyle Leeper, Fred Gall and Omar Salazar and went to the U.K. for a fun 10 day trip that started in London and ended in Edinburgh, Scotland. We hooked up with local Blueprint skaters at the time Colin Kennedy, Mark Baines, Neil Chester, Neil Smith. It was the first time I ever met Omar and Fred Gall and what better way to get know someone than being crammed into a tiny hotel room in a foreign country for 10 days. We all got a long and had a killer time. And guess who was the most productive? Fucking Freddy Gall that’s who. And congrats to Freddy who just tied the knot and got married! Check back next Thursday for more old photos. —Jaime Owens

Edinburgh, Scotland

Colin Kennedy, switch tailslide

Fred, front blunt at an amazing spot in London.

Bachelor party.


Neil Smith, ollie, London

Kyle with a smile.


Neil Smith, backtail


Omar, kickflip on a steep bank.

Alex Klein with big ole switch Smith grind.

Over and out.

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