Owens Photo: Og De Souza 2005

This probably has to be one of the raddest sessions I’ve ever been on. I’d seen photos and video of Og De Souza before this day but to witness his skating in real life was amazing and surreal. This was 2005 and I got a call from Og’s friend Bruno. They were both staying at Bob Burnquist’s house and wanted me to come down and shoot a photo in the Vista area. I said, “Hell yeah!” and met them at this rail. He’d done bigger rails before without a ramp because he could fly out to a lower part of them, but with this one we had to make a little launch ramp up to it because it was just so high for him. It’s just a gnarly rail in general. It’s kinked and has that crap around the bottom but he didn’t care. You know, the kind of stuff most skaters will complain about and not skate a spot for. Og didn’t give a shit. He charged at this fucker and after a few slams, he was rolling away from it. So damn awesome. We gave high-fives and went our separate ways. I haven’t seen Og since then. I’m sure he’s still ripping it up in Brazil.—Jaime Owens
[Check below photo for video of Og from an old 411]