Owens Photo: Pink Motel 80s Style

I got invited by one of my old South Carolina buddies to come shoot photos at the infamous Pink Motel for a music video shoot of the band Cerebral Ballzy that he was directing. The video had an ’80s skate theme to it so everyone was riding replica ’80s boards and the like. They rented a pink Cadillac just like in Animal Chin and had Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi and Salba drive around in it. I totally missed be able to get shots of them driving in it but go one of them next to it (below). It was fun afternoon seeing all those legends at a legendary spot. Check out the video below the photos to see how it all turned out.—Jaime Owens

Brandon Perelson, boneless

Tom Remillard backside Smith while Hewitt and Lance look on.

Ben Raybourne, backside boneless on the amp.

Holmes layback

Legends: McGill, Hosoi, Lance and Salba at a legendary spot

Salba off the amp

Remillard with my favorite photo of the day. Effortless frontside air on the classic Gonz board.

Lance rolls….and…rocks.

Lance and Tom doubles. They did this once, hence why the sequence starts late. I’m just glad I got most of it.

Now, that’s tight.

Check the video here