Owens Photo: Portland Weekend

Weekend in Portland for Street League and good times. And big thanks to Nike for hooking up a super sweet room for the weekend.

Nothing better than showing up at Burnside and getting to shoot Ben Raybourn.

Vagrant Skateboards‘ Frank Shaw, stalefish.

Ben was blasting into the rafters.

David G. in the house.

Portland locs: Gravette and Garric Ray.

Eric Swisher and his Chromeball show at Cal’s Pharmacy. Lots of goodies on the wall below.

Mr. Mountain and Mr. Swisher.

Oh yeah, there was a contest. Austyn blasted a kickflip over the bench during practice.

David Loy got on the course and blasted real high.

Backstage with Dylan and Austyn. Just looking at sweet and innocent things on the phone.

I love their faces.

Frost and Ishod are real tight.

The Rod took home the gold.

Street League after party…Austyn was expressing himself.

More expressing.

Just a full on expression session. Good times.