Owens Photo: Rick McCrank 2003

Here’s Rick McCrank skating a pool in Las Vegas back in 2003 and it was only about 113 degrees. Damn, it was so insane to skate in that heat but this was one of those sessions that it was worth it because of the line up. But here’s a little set up first. We were out there for the first ever Boost Mobile contest at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was the world’s richest skateboarding event in history up until that time with over $250,000 in overall prize money and first place purse of $40,000 in both street and vert. This was obviously way before the Maloofs and Street League, so it brought out all the top dogs. Before the contest, Aaron Meza and I grabbed Eric Koston, Jim Greco and Rick McCrank to go skate a near by pool. Despite the heat, all the boys piled into my car and I was tripping on the line up in the backseat the whole way there. Anyways, we hit this pool for a few runs. But the session didn’t last long and I only got this one skate photo. But it’s definitely one the most memorable sessions I’ve ever had. Check below the photo for some clips from the contest and check back every Thursday for my blog.—Jaime Owens