Owens Photo: Tony Hawk 2001

Back in 2001, we got a call from a production company that was shooting a Bagel Bits commercial in downtown L.A featuring the rising young star known as the Hawkman. They invited Mike O’Meally and myself to come down and shoot photos while Tony warmed up on the ramp before the commercial shoot that night. They built this ramp in an empty parking lot next to the Staples Center and had that rad backdrop of buildings that I thought look so surreal for a vert skate shot, so I was hyped on how this photo came out. It’s one of my all-time favorite skate photos I’ve shot. And don’t over look the trick, it took Tony a bit to pull the backside Smith grind across that huge channel. I shot a whole roll of film and this was the only frame that came out perfect. It was a good day.—Jaime Owens

[Check for the video of the commercial below the photo]