Part Two of Skateboarder Magazine’s Make-A-Wish Foundation Benefit Photo Recap

Second round of photos from Skateboarder Magazine’s Make-A-Wish Foundation Benefit skate jam. Click here for the first round of photos.
Sequences: Jaime Owens

Stoner Park local, Sebo Walker, whirly birds with ease.

David Gonzales was blasting over the hip all day like this.

David Gonzales, bluntslide.

Brezinski, frontside boardslide up revert.

Theotis Beasley, kickflip backside tailslide to fakie. Photo: John Bradford

Luan and Cerezini.

Vern Laird passing out some Fallen’s for the kids.

Kelly Hart had some Expedition goodies.

Cheeks in the house.

Aaron Snyder, half-Cab manual bigspin out.

We couldn’t have done it without these guys. They’re the best. Ryan Clements, Jason Rothmeyer and Vern Laird.

The commitment and the smile make this bail shot worth it.