Pat Duffy: Hittin’ The Streets

How did your transition from World Industries to Plan B come

Danny(Way)called me and asked if we could get together and talk about it, and when we did I decided it was what I wanted to do. The way he presented it made it something that I couldn’t turn down.

You started out as one of the break-out Ams on Plan B in the 90’s. How
Would you describe your role on the team today?

I think its to get out and skate with the team, it makes more sense for me to be out there with these guys just cause that’s what I’ve always done is hit the streets, and I need the drive the teams gonna give too, and hopefully I do a little of same, If that makes any sense.

What advise do you want to pass on to the younger kids on the team?

Just to keep a good mindset, which they all already have.

What do you do outside of skateboarding?

Play golf, guitar, and golf ,snowboard, bowling, any c.l.a.c. activity, try to stay out of the bars, you know how that gos, play golf, buy music,i’m pretty addicted to The Grateful Dead right now, I just try to stay healthy.

Explain how your skateboarding and style has evolved over the last Decade.

Dude…I don’t know, I guess I like pool coping more than I did when I was 19.

Give us your best Sheffey memory

…Oh my god. When he freaked out on the razor scooter with the blue wig in Vancouver was pretty classic.

Duffy-Gap to Bank

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