PHOTOS: etnies Bros, Burritos & Best Trick event

Posted by: John Bradford

So Nick Garcia was presented with his first pro model by Element on Friday night (See photos here), and the next morning etnies donated a new marble ledge in Nick’s honor at Cherry Park in here in Long Beach. They called it “Bro’s Burritos & Best Tricks” and they gave away a ton of product to the local kids in a best trick contest judged by the etnies team on the new obstacle. Photos of the day below:

I got up at the crack of 10 and went over to Cherry. Matt Bennett was there early to check out the new ledge

And its a beauty…

etnies was there setting up for the event later in the day

going big

I broke out, got some lunch then came back and these dudes were hanging out. Ben Karpinski, Daryl Angel and Raymond Molinar

Jose Rojo down from San Jose to skate the new spot

The man of the hour, Nick Garcia shows up with fresh gauze on his jacked collarbone

Fellow etnies teamers Tyler Bledsoe and Nick Garcia

Cairo thumbs up’s etnies brotographer Sam Maguire

Then they both congratulate Nick for going pro

Element Team Manager Cole Mathews tells stories about being stuck in New Jersey for a week after the hurricane

Big Joe Red deep in thought

Mike Donnely and Chad Timtim. Mike helped coordinate with the city to put the new ledge in at Cherry Park

John Demar

The Brothers Timtim

etnies brought burritos from the local spot Taqueria, which is everyones favorite Mexican spot in Long Beach

digging in

Ricki Bedenbaugh coordinated the whole day for etnies, here he documents his creation…

Burrito coverage

etnies up and comer Aidan Campbell. This kid rips.

Aidan, frontside krooks

Rickis Keep on Pushin‘ machine

Cole’s dog Domino


Barney Page dropped by to shred

For the kids…


Cairo handing out stickers, which the kids turned in for shoes and clothes

The ledge is dedicated

etnies TM Jameson Decrew starts the best trick contest


No pegs!! No chunks

Aidan and Barney watch the contest

…which was chaos

Team. Judging.

Nick watches but cant skate

etnies’ finest Oliver Barton and Ricki Bedenbaugh

Everybody’s favorite, the product toss

And Ricki steals away in his van.

Thanks to Ricki and etnies for an epic day, and for the rad new ledge that you can come skate at Cherry Park in Long Beach! The support for the local scene is much appreciated. Also congrats to Nick Garcia again on his new Pro status!

See photos from Nick’s pro party Friday night HERE