PHOTOS and VIDEO: Nick Garcia Pro Party

Posted by: John Bradford

One of Long Beach’s native sons was announced as the newest Element pro on Friday night, and Element threw a party at the local skater’s watering hole: The Red Room. It was a private party complete with open bar and taco truck, and the whole community came together to honor one of the hardest working ams – turned pro in skateboarding today: Nick Garcia. I’ve personally watched this kid progress since he was a little skate rat shredding the streets of long beach, only to grow into the influential and endlessly creative powerhouse that he is today. Congratulations to Nick Garcia! Photos from the night below:

The party started at Nicks apartment with family and friends. Nick and his brother Dillon pre-game it in the kitchen.

Jamie Tancowny and David Reyes are among the first to show up and wish Nick well.

David Reyes’ gift to Nick, a Bob Dylan poster. Quite fitting for these two friends…

Elements Marc Falkenstien shows up with the van to take everyone to the Red Room for the event.

Nicks mom and dad congratulate him out front.

Steven and Julian are close behind

as is Cody from Furnace

Madars was there in spirit, here he is on Nick’s Polaroid wall

The two lovebirds, Nick and Becky

Thanks to the pre party, the van ride over was already a blur

Upon arriving at the Red Room, things got a little awkward with Ricki Bedenbaugh and Nick…

Ryan Spencer got in!

Ricki is proud of Nick, as we all are.

Tacos were good.

Ricki strikes a pose

An injured Nick Garcia gets on Rickis back for theatrics…

Then things got a little wobbly

On the way into the bar, ran into David Loy… I’m getting old if this dude is a barfly now

Nick makes his entrance

Timtim gives Nick a speech

and Nick Garcia is presented with his first pro model

Media frenzy

Ryan Kingman made it out

Old friends Ricki and David Loy

Levi and Alma Brown, and Red Room Dave tries to avoid the photo bomb

Its a celebration!

Nick and Dad Timtim

Nassim Guammaz, still crashing on the Element couch

Some fat nerd and the Lutherans, Right @Worldsbestdad??

Billy Davenport aka the Dav..

Nicks lil bro Dillon, holding someone elses beverage again…

Jlay and the homie Chris watch the video loop of Nick’s video parts

Figgy and Dickson on a hot one…

Appleyard in attendance


Provost and David lurking

And as they often do… The party faded into the night.

Here’s a story from old Element filmer and new Etnies filmer Ricki Bedenbaugh about filming with Nick Garcia.

Congrats to Nick Garcia who’s earned every bit of what we’re celebrating! The next morning brought Etnies Bros Burritos and Best Trick event at Cherry Park, where Etnies donated a new marble ledge to the skatepark in honor of Nick going pro. See photos from Saturday HERE.