Pink Motel 80’s Session Photos

Words & Photos: Jaime Owens
A sick little session went down at the famous Pink Motel a few weeks ago. A friend of mine who works at Authority Films was making a music video for the band Cerebral Ballzy and invited some skaters to come out and skate some classic ’80s boards while dressed in clothes from the era. Lance, McGill, Hosoi, Salba, Tom Grom, Raybourne, Adam Alfaro, Josh Borden and more took the invitation and came out and had a blast. They even filmed the whole video with the old beta style cameras that were used to shoot Animal Chin. Check out the finished video at the bottom of the post and on AdultSwim.

Brandon Perelson, boneless

Lance getting some up on the amp.

Tom Remillard, backside ollie in the shallow.



Hosoi layback.



Salba got a slob air off the amp.

Ben, Hosoi, Tom, Lance, dreads.

Hewitt and Lance not really paying attention to Remillard’s back Smith. Check the magazine for Remillard’s and Lance’s doubles sequence. Out in late Summer. It’s a sick one.

Now check out the video: